Don't Get Zapped by Broken Wiring

Don't Get Zapped by Broken Wiring

Schedule electrical repair services in Santa Monica, CA

Are your lights flickering? A faulty electrical system isn't just annoying-it's also a fire hazard. Don't hesitate to arrange for electrical repair services when your electrical system starts acting up. All Aspects Electric is an electrical contractor in Santa Monica, CA. Our electrical contractor will diagnose the problem and fix damaged features, including rewiring, panel repair and repairing broken fixtures.

Get your electrical system back in tip-top shape with electrical repair services in Santa Monica, California.

Four signs you need electrical repairs

Paying attention to warning signs can help you schedule repairs before your system breaks down completely. Call us for electrical troubleshooting if you notice...

  • The lights are flickering or dim
  • The breakers are tripping frequently
  • A buzzing sound coming from a switch or outlet
  • A burning smell coming from the outlets or panel

Our electrician can perform repairs to fix broken wiring or fixtures. If your system is seriously damaged, you can arrange for a complete electrical remodeling.

Find out what's wrong with your electrical system by calling 310-994-6361 for electrical troubleshooting in Santa Monica, CA.