We'll Keep the Lights on for You

We'll Keep the Lights on for You

Contact our commercial electrician in Santa Monica, CA for your electrical services

From the lights to the computers to the coffee machine, a functional electrical system is vital to your business. If your system isn't keeping up with the demands of your company, call All Aspects Electric for commercial electrical services. Our commercial electrician will make sure your building has the power you need to take care of business.

We work on buildings of all sizes, including office suites, retail stores, restaurants, warehouses and apartment buildings. Discuss your electrical needs with our commercial electrician in Santa Monica, CA by calling 310-994-6361 today.

We perform all kinds of electrical work

Whether you're working on a new construction project or taking care of a flickering light, All Aspects Electric can help.

Our commercial electrical services include...

  • Installing new wiring and fixtures
  • Upgrading electrical panels and lighting
  • Repairing broken panels and fixtures

We have a dedicated crew that can take care of any size job. Contact us today to get a free on-site estimate for your electrical work in Santa Monica, California.