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Customize an Electrical System to Suit Your Needs

Our electrical contractor in Santa Monica, CA can complete your installation

You don't have to settle for a cookie-cutter electrical system. All Aspects Electric can complete an electrical installation to your specifications. We provide electrical services in the Santa Monica, CA area. We'll install the features you want throughout your building.

Our electrical contractor can install...

Outlets, light fixtures and fans
Electrical panels and generators
Electrical wiring systems

Make sure you include a powerful, cutting-edge electrical system during your new construction project. Choose the features you want and we'll take care of the rest. Our dedicated crew can handle any size job, from home additions to office buildings.

Contact our residential and commercial electrician in Santa Monica, CA today to get started.

Improve your outdated electrical system

Are you upgrading the appliances in your kitchen? Did you add new cubicles to your office? New electrical devices will draw more power from your electrical panel. If it's not up to the task, your breakers will trip and you'll lose power.

All Aspects Electric performs electrical panel upgrades in and around Santa Monica, California. We can update your panel so that it gives you the power you need to run all of your electrical equipment at once.

Not sure what panel you need? Our electrical contractor can recommend an effective solution. Keep your system powered by calling us today.

Whether critters have chewed up your wiring or it's simply broken down with age, All Aspects Electric can repair your electrical system. Our electrical services include rewiring, retrofitting and remodeling. We'll troubleshoot your electrical problem and repair or replace any damaged part.

Call 310-994-6361 to schedule electrical repair services.